Dedicated to supporting and promoting the ponies when they leave Dartmoor to give them a future

Raising funds to:
•    pay for transport to allow ponies to find good new homes, inevitably hundreds of miles away from the moors.
•    Promoting the benefits of hill ponies in every way possible and at every opportunity!

As summer turns to autumn and the nights start to draw in – several hundred Dartmoor ponies are herded off the Moor and onto the local farms. This is called a Drift. It’s spectacular to watch. The ponies are brought in, sorted and then taken back to their home farm where they are checked. The mothers are then returned to the moors and those not being kept as replacements are sent to pony sales to find homes off the moor.

  • We advertise the pony sales to the widest possible audience to find homes for these foals.
  • Horse Agility competition 
To encourage people to take on these young ponies and experience from drifts to dreams.
  • Micro-chipping and Passporting of ponies at sale for a reduced price to help create traceability. We have also introduced prefixes so new owners can find out which herd their ponies came from.
  • Information for buyers and help if required with bidding transport or any other concerns that may arise.
  • The Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony has “collection points” throughout Britain to take ponies from the sales and help find homes for them.
  • This idea was launched a few years ago and was hailed a great success with 25 ponies being delivered to Stratford upon Avon where the local people, having paid their deposits, came to choose their foals.

How does the initiative work?
Before the sale, we advertise as much as we can and those interested in buying a pony, pay a deposit and then at the pony drift sale, agents bid on their behalf. The pony of choice once successfully purchased is delivered to the closest “collection station” (so cost of transport can be shared) where pony can be collected and taken to its new home. Each pony has a passport in the new owners name and is micro chipped. So invest in the future, the cost £75 for a colt and £100 for a filly foal 6 month old with patience and T.L.C which costs nothing but pleasurable time, the investment will only grow and get better.

It is mainly colt foals who don’t sell at the sale. The friends of the Dartmoor hill pony have come up with a pony sponsorship scheme under which a foal will be cared for, halter broken, castrated, wormed, micro-chipped and passported. This gives the foals a much better chance of finding a permanent home.

Dartmoor Hill Pony display team who show how wonderful the ponies are at shows like Devon County.
The Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony Display Team have been working hard producing the performance for 2018, and we would be delighted to perform our display at your show. Our youngest performer is three years and our oldest (dare I say it) is well into her seventies, the ponies age from 8 months to 15 years and the team consists of 30 people involved in the setting up and running of the display and stand.

Dartmoor Hill Pony Championship.
These classes started in 2004 to give the ordinary pony, a non show type, a class at local shows, where could demonstrate their calm sensible temperament: and give their handlers the chance to compete against other ponies irrespective of looks or breeding. The qualifying test that the ponies had to complete was carefully planned to mimic everyday situations that a child’s pony might conceivably face. For instance the blue carpet, not he normal obstacle to be found in a field, but then asking a pony to step on a wooden ramp going into a trailer is not run-of-the-mill.Reversing is another movement that should be in all pony's repertoire. How many times do you to back up instead of turning in a too tight a space? Though the classes are open to all ponies up to 14.2hh, only bona fide Dartmoor Hill ponies can qualify for the Championship. Once the 10 shows that hold qualifiers for the championship, have sent in the ponies names, a course is designed to be run against the clock, and the stage is set for the Championship! There have been champions of totally different types over the years.